The tour has certain traditional rules, which when broken can result in fines and forfeits. This is all good-natured fun, and taking part is of course entirely up to the individual – we don’t force punishments on anyone. Except for coaches, who have to take it by dint of being dumb enough to be coaches in the first place.


If you’re up for living life on the edge and taking part, then here’s (some of) the rules you should know:


  • No tour rugby shirt is to be worn until the day of the festival. In particular they should never ever be worn on the ferry.  Yes, we mean you Peter Machado

  • Real men don’t share beers. Ever.


  • Flags for cars don’t go on until you hit the ferry terminal. Go too early and you’ll be fined.

  • There is a rule about tour socks too, but we can’t remember that one so will make it up on the ferry.

  • The Tour Chairman, who was on his birth named Toby West, must be called Dave Mole at all times


It’s also important to note that we take the health of parents and coaches very seriously. We bring a plentiful supply of certain citrus fruits with us to ward off scurvy and ensure soundness of body and mind at all times. So, if at any point you find something green and round in your drink, please be sure to drink that drink all at once, preferably as fast as possible. Failure to do so will inevitably lead to serious illness.