Our approach to pricing is very simple - we take the costs from the travel agent for the caravans and ferries and the costs like children's kits, festival entry fees etc and then subtract the sponsorship and fund raising income. As soon as we have finalised these numbers we can give a final figure.


The good news is that we have been able to raise a lot of sponsorship this year.  And we thank those sponsors for their support.

Please also look at the FAQ page for more details of what is included.  But as a reminder the first child's tour kit is included within the price, and any second children's kit is heavily subsidised.

We hope to be able to return to 2017 prices which are below as a guide.

Bronze two bed caravan  - Family of 4: £280

Silver two bed caravan - Family of 4: £300

Gold two bed caravan - Family of 4: £360

Additional people (above 4): £15-£20

Three bed instead of two bed caravan: £80-£110

Dog: £30 extra (currently only available as a bronze option)

Price included kit for one child.

A deposit of £25 per person is required by 26 October 2018