What is the point of the Minis' Tour?

The tour is a great way to bind our minis squads together, strengthen friendships, strengthen the club ethos and ultimately have a great weekend of family fun. It’s a wonderful end to the season that everyone, of all ages, enjoys. It’s also a great way of raising money for the club – for the development of the minis and junior sections, and the infrastructure around them. Helping to keep Beccs as one of the best drilled and most admired clubs in Kent!


Where is the Festival?

Bournemouth Rugby Club, Chapel Gate, East Parley, Christchurch BH23 6BD

What are the key dates I should know apart from the Tour date?

Fundraisng Ball - at The Warren on 1st February 2020

What’s the theme this year?

The Tour theme is Heroes and Villians with the Saturday night extravaganza. More details on Beccs Got Talent Page. 

What’s the format of the weekend?

Friday: Check in begins at 4pm, but leave
time to buy your coaches a beer, work out the route to/from caravan and bar
and get your moves ready for Saturday evening….

Saturday: Morning – get your sports kit on and join in Beccs Sports day – for all parents, playing kids and siblings.

Early Afternoon – free time. Grab some food and relax for a few hours

Evening – Beccs Got Talent. Get your gear on and head to the main show
area. And remember, they’re laughing with you.

Sunday: AM – Bournemouth Festival (normally around 10am prompt start, so set your alarm clocks)

Sunday PM – Festival ends  and for those departing, back to the caravan for
those staying on another night.

What’s included in the price?

Accommodation for Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, tour kit for all playing child per family. 

What’s not included?

Food, transport beer money, tour kit for extra children, parents.

What does the standard kit include? What kit do I need?

One rugby shirt, one T-shirt, and one tour flag.

We encourage all adult tour members to join in the fun and order a few items.

Additional kit available to buy includes tour polo top and tour hoodie. All kit can be ordered
online, you can use multiple forms if necessary, just please always use the same email

We don’t like caravans. Can we make our own accommodation arrangements?

No, the tour package includes accommodation and is not changeable. You’re welcome to
pay double and stay elsewhere but you’ll miss most of the fun.


Can we stay on Sunday night?

Yes – it’s already included in your costs.

Can we share a caravan with another family?

Yes – a surcharge (levied by the tour company – not us!) will be payable.

What is “Beccs Got Talent”?

Every year, each age group takes to the stage to perform a dance number in the style of
“Britain’s Got Talent”. How seriously you take it is up to you. Some age groups have been
known to get choreographers etc. At the end, the judges and the age group coaches will
vote for the best act. The winners will get fame, glory, and a spot on Michael MacIntyre’s
Big Show. Probably.

Costumes and props are pretty much mandatory – anyone not dressing up will be fined on
the spot.

Do we have to take part in the sports morning?

No. But if you don’t you will be tarred, feathered and chained to a kids slot machine for the
rest of the day, then forced to do a solo dance routine as an opener to the evening’s