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Your first time

It is always a little bit unnerving, not knowing what to expect, on your first tour. 
You’re not the first and you certainly won’t be the only one. Each year there are over 300 club members who travel to the Isle of Wight, all up for a laugh, keen to make sure you have a good time and play some great rugby.
I only knew two families on my first tour and spent the whole weekend jumping between two age groups, which meant I got to know twice as many people but also had to endure twice as many forfeits.

The fancy dress

The answer is ‘yes’, everybody does dress up and not in a ‘here’s something I picked up from the Pound shop’ way, but more in an ‘if eBay and the fancy dress shop had a love child’ kind of way. Less is definitely not more, the fancy dress plays a large part in...

The Saturday night performance

Apparently this is a way for the boys to bond, work as a team and build their confidence. In reality it is just an opportunity for the coaches to live out a long held fantasy to once a year put on a frock, wig and heels and parade around all night looking a little bit like something you could get the stag in Amsterdam if you scraped together your change from a burger.
But it is fun, and the boys love it, even when they have to spend the evening hanging out in the arcade dressed up as Britney Spears in a skirt and pink fluffy pigtails.

The rugby

This is something that the boys do on the Sunday. At this point in the weekend it’s actually very pleasant to get pitch side in the fresh air, the boys have fun, and eventually we all slope off to the ferry back to civilisation, a little bit sleepy with another tour (and a fair few pints) under our belts.

Sam (u11s) said:
It is very fun when you’re on stage and you get to make friends, not to mention the amazing arcade. The sports day on Saturday is a chance to prove to the coaches how competitive you are and includes tug of war, sometimes the bleep test and don’t forget the football.
If you like a full on weekend with lots of laughs, then pack your bags and book your ferry.
Beware of drunk parents though!